A Little About Me

Photography is an art, but I don’t necessarily do it for the art. I am a photographer because of the people I meet and get to share these amazing moments with. You’ll remember what your wedding felt like through these photos and knowing that gives me so much joy. What we create together lasts for generations to come.

Things I believe:

  1. Doing is feeling

  2. Travel is the best form of education

  3. Laughter is a must in any relationship

  4. Being open to new things is crucial for a full life

  5. Be genuine in everything you do

Some of my favorite things:

my wonderful family, my amazing and supportive friends, time away from the rush of life (usually with wine in hand), all seafood, my very needy animals, scary movies (the scarier the better), cooking with feel good music, success and redemption stories, a book I can’t put down, dancing terribly, strategic board games, huggers that squeeze the breath out of me